Purifying Pink Clay Mask

Purifying Pink Clay Mask
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A deeply purifying, balancing & mineralizing pink clay mask

for dry and sensitive skin types.

Pink Clay is known for its amazing benefits for sensitive skin. Referred to as the most gentle of all the clays, it's actually suitable for all skin types because of its very light texture. Pink Clay does not remove the skin's natural oils, making it perfect for tight, dry and dehydrated skin. It provides a boost of nutrients and minerals which help to replenish skin with the nourishment it needs to function well. Perfect for dry and sensitive skin types, Pink Clay is a very mild combination of Red and White Clays. Rich in minerals including Silica, it helps to restore and replenish skin with moisture and draw out impurities. Gentle on sensitive skin, Pink Clay can also help to reduce irritation and inflammation from skin concerns such as acne by soothing and balancing skin and promoting healthy cell renewal. Pink Clay can also help to minimise blackheads, hormonal breakouts and congestion,making it perfect for those with aggravated or acne prone skin. Due to its purifying properties, Pink Clay is often used in face masks, treatments and soaps to help cleanse and refresh dull, tired and dry skin. Pink Clay is excellent for cell renewal, skin rejuvenation, and improving elasticity. It is high in Iron Oxide and Silica which help to regenerate skin tissue. Cleansing and detoxifying Purifying Pink Clay Mask refines pores and brightens the complexion.

Drawing impurities and pollutants from the pores, leave for 10 minutes to regenerate skin cells, stimulate collagen and leave a healthy, radiant glow.


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