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Should an adult give kids access to perfumes? How young is too young? Do kids even

want to wear perfumes? These questions used to puzzle us a lot as we would never wish

to do anything potentially harmful to a kid’s delicate skin or shock a little one’s olfactive system.

However, we stopped worrying over those questions when we accidentally discovered that

1) some kids actually enjoy moderate sillage laundry detergent smell emitting from their

clothes and such sillage is more powerful than that of many of our fine perfumes.

2) It appears that most kids are quite determined and spirited in what they desire and want to avoid.

3) In addition, we discovered a range of non-alcoholic, minimal longevity and sillage kids' scents,

which are just too cute to pass by.

These fragrances are created for the delicate skin of children and do not create allergies.

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Chamomile & Linden

Unisex fragrance with Flowery notes also Orange Blossom, Linden, Lily of the Valley, Green, Woody, F..

500.00L Ex Tax: 500.00L

Fizzy Apple

Unisex fragrance with fruity notes, also Gourmand, Jasmine, Woody, Musky, Spicy. *Only available ..

500.00L Ex Tax: 500.00L

Lavender of Provence

Unisex fragrance with Herby notes, also Fresh, Musky, Amber, Leather *Only available at 30ml spra..

500.00L Ex Tax: 500.00L

Pear Temtation

Unisex fragrance with fruity, Green, Vanilla, Floral, Musky notes, *Only available at 30ml spray ..

500.00L Ex Tax: 500.00L

Rub Orange

Unisex fragrance with Fruity notes, also Orange, Citrus, Woody, Musky, Tabako Hay *Only available..

500.00L Ex Tax: 500.00L